Car Alarms

Don’t be a victim!

Over 1 million vehicles will be stolen this year. Don’t be a statistic – so called “factory security” simply does not provide the protection you need to keep your vehicle and its contents safe. We have over 30 years experience in the business so we know how to keep your vehicle safe. Call today (414) 645-4477.

Do I really need a car alarm?

Whether you need a car alarm is up to you, but depending on where you live and the auto theft rate in your area might help you make your decision. Many people won’t make the decision to purchase an alarm until the have already become a auto theft victim once or multiple times.

Car alarms have come a long way through the years. Aftermarket car alarms have sophisticated technology such as remote starters and two-way pagers that will alert you when the alarm is going off. Alarms are just as popular as ever, so make sure you are alerted if your vehicle is being broken into.

Types of car alarms

You’ll find a variety of car alarm systems, each of which has unique functionality to assist with the vehicle’s protection or recovery, if necessary. Some alarm systems have a combination of these features.

  • Audible. Audible alarms are typically preinstalled in the vehicle and have a panic button on the key fob. These alarms vary from the horn repeatedly sounding to the lights on the vehicle flashing with the horn sounding. This can deter a potential thief due to the attention the alarm causes, but it can become an annoyance if it’s set off accidentally.
  • Silent. Silent alarms page the owner of the vehicle when a break-in occurs. Because the thief does not hear the alarm, this system provides enables the owner to catch a thief in the act of stealing the vehicle. For safety considerations, police should be notified whenever an attempted theft is in progress. Check to see whether the alarm does this automatically or you must do this yourself.
  • Immobilizing. These alarms require that the vehicle’s key be near the car or it will not start, which deters thieves attempting to drive off with the vehicle.
  • GPS. These alarm systems help locate the vehicle when it has been stolen. GPS alarms assists police in locating the vehicle and in many cases the person responsible for stealing the vehicle.
  • Passive. These car alarms activate automatically when the car is turned off and the doors are locked. To deactivate a passive car alarm, the driver must unlock the doors.
  • Active. Conversely, these alarms require that you press a button to activate or deactivate the alarm. Unlike passive alarms, locking the doors and walking away will not activate an active alarm system.
  • Remote start. With these alarm systems, you can start the vehicle remotely. They have additional security precautions that are active while you are away from the vehicle.
  • Two-way Paging. These systems provide two-way communication between the vehicle’s alarm and the key fob. The paging system notifies you when the vehicle’s alarm is activated or deactivated, the doors are locked or unlocked and when the vehicle’s alarm is set off by someone attempting break into the vehicle.
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