Remote Starters

We are Milwaukee’s Best in Remote Starters

Remote starts that work when you need them. Installed and explained buy employees with experience. You can chose to lock unlock and start your car by remote or cell phone. New warm weather prices all ready available. Trade in and  upgrades available at low cost. 40 Years of customer and electronics experience for all  questions. For the best installations we require a 4 hour installation drop off.

Imagine getting into a warm car every cold winter morning, this is possible with remote starters professionally installed by Alarmtronix. No matter what vehicle make or model, we will have many different types of remote starters that you can choose from. You can even start your car from your smart phone from the warmth of your home or office.


GOOD – Factory Add-on Remote Starters

Even if your vehicle did not come equipped with a remote starter, we can still add one using the factory key fab. These systems are comparable to factory remote starters and generally gave a range of up to 1000 ft and is programmed to be operated by your cars existing key fab.

BETTER – One Way Remote Starters

How One Way remote starters work. Once the command is sent from the remote control, the vehicle confirms it has received it by flashing the parking lights, sounding the vehicles horn or having the parking lights come on while the vehicle is started. For you to know that the vehicle has: received the command, started the vehicle and is currently running you will need to visually see the vehicle. For some this might be okay, but for many they would like to not to wonder if they cannot actually see the vehicle.

BEST – Two Way Remote Starters

The introduction of Two Way remote starters (and alarms) has opened a whole new world of electronic information available on remote car starters. The commands are still sent a similar way to the One Way systems, but now, instead of having to visually see your car all you have to do is look and listen to your remote control. After the vehicle starts, the car will actually send a confirmation to your remote control. It will normally do this by way of a LCD (liquid crystal display) on your remote control with information and icons. These icons will give you information about your vehicle. For example, once the car starts your remote control will beep, vibrate and an exhaust icon will appear to let you know your car has started. In addition to this your remote control will even let you know how much longer the car will be running for, the temperature in the car, your cars battery voltage and any other status that you need to be aware of.