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The Bus-Scan seat-check child safety system alerts a driver to walk to the back of the vehicle at the end of each trip and visually check for remaining passengers or lost personal items. For Vans–any vehicle that transports those who need assistance can also have a seat-check reminder alert system installed.


Quick and simple installation–no special tools or under-hood components.

No nuisance false alarms, as with other systems.

User-Settable delay times.

First company to use Microprocessor-based design for stability.

Service mode reminders, both visual and audible.

Stop-arm capability, built in.

Pluggable control harness, with fuses.

Conforms with state requirements.

Audible and visual alerting.

Anti-tamper, anti-tiedown design ensures reliable operation.

Service key for maintenance, or out-of-service use.

Sounds vehicle horn or use external-siren output (siren purchased separately).

Can control interior light with optional module.

Communication port for expansion.